Banana Cranberry Delight


Attention the cost of baking supplies are sky rocketing, and that means just one thing, if you do not want to pay, 4 bucks for a cookie in the very near future of 35 bucks for a cake you need to learn how to cook it yourself.

That Marvelous sweet chewy sensation, and yes, it is healthy for you, but dont tell anyone, its Grannies secret recipe.

We could go on and on about how great this is but until you Experience it, you will never fully understand what your missing.

Super food, that you make oh yes, it is super and it is a super food and you can make it.

Combining two of the best super fruits and you have some of the best tasting super bread, now trust me this stuff is great.

Making healthy breads can be easier than you think

Certainly it is a lot of fun, but for a moment of time spent with your family it is something that you cannot put a price tag on, the memories alone are worth more than you can imagine.

Now this is Sweet, and you know that granny can cook when everyone wants to know if granny cooked it.

Nothing can compare to the perfect cooking pleasure you get when you do it just right and no one like granny knows how to do that just so.

Healthy Breads is all the latest trends this year with the cost of bread going up higher and higher many people are cooking instead of buying because of so many things, but mostly the taste is so much better than anything you ever bought in the store.

Now this is the flag ship here, one of the best and most desirable cooking desserts you will ever taste.

This is one of our favorite cranberry banana bread recipes which is really good during Christmas but also it is good year round.

Cranberries have been called the ultimate super fruit, in fact they have so much goodness that adding them to holiday cooking just makes good sense.

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